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We can't say it often enough - "Time for Tea" is available!!

Buy the book: call 605-368-2492 or 368-2421

TAHS will plan with other groups in town for events to coincide with the Smithsonian display.

Smithsonean presentation at SD State Fair

"Produce for Victory" tour through rural South Dakota. Photo-Greg Latza, Peoplescapes.

Tea veteran and POW Bernard Hoffman.

June meeting:

The history book committee met at 6 p.m. to look at the soft cover books which Marlys picked up today. All school reunion was discussed. The school's insurance will cover the day. Six afghans left. Doris attended the library meeting: library is on hold for now. SD Humanities Council looking for five towns to show WW2 display. Carroll moved we apply. Seconded. Carried. Barb Otten has a contact for two large display cases. Marlys moved we buy. Seconded. Carried. Barb and Ernie will get and store.

Meeting adjourned; lunch served by Carol Nepp and Barb Otten. Everyone enjoyed buying and looking at the "book." 

14 August 2002 Minutes
1. Call to order by Luella DeJong at 7:05 p.m. 2. Secretary's report was preented in print. Correction: add Carroll Barnes to list of attendees in July. Carroll moved to accept report as corrected. Second. Carried. 3. Treasurer report included $500-$600 from books sold by members. 4. Book sales going well. Approximately 400 have been sold.
5. Marlys Bergjord told of Rudy Engelke's visit at her home last Monday.
6. Luella told of phone call from Thomas E. Aufman in Pennsylvania (initials are TEA. He is a salesman of promotional items and he ordered a book. 7. Verlyss Jacobson told of a letter from Sharon Heeren Myers of California. She wanted an afghan and since all are sold, Verlyss sent Sharon her afghan. 8. Ernie Otten reported he did get the display cases. They at 6 ft. x 34" x 24" with lights. 9. The city has not "completely" purchased the old Catholic church due to a problem with the title. Should we be approaching city to be sure they intend to go on with the plans for museum and meeting area?
10. Rnady Ensz saw the story of the WW2 Smithsonian display and volunteered his military collections to add to the display. 11. Luella reported on the STate Fair trip 3 Augut for the formal announcement of the Smithsonian display sites. Luella and Bennett DeJong, Bernard and Margaret Hoffman, Verlyss Jacobson and Vynita Jacobson attended.  12. Gary Peterson is putting "Time for Tea" on CD. The book has to be taken apart for that process. Rudy will then laminate the pages and that copy can be in our museum for viewing. 13. Meeting adjourned.  14. We looked at the main part of the church which will eventually be our museum.
Verlyss V. Jacobson, Secretary.

Next meeting - October 8, 7 pm - old Cathoic Church.