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Museum open 1-8 Friday, 1-5 Saturdays beginning April 30
TAHS Officers
Dwight, Carroll; Verlyss and Luella.
Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - Old St. Nick's Church
New Business: Larry Poppens said the school will assist in moving the storing museum items for 2004-5 school year and should the school need the buidling. Briefly discussed our moving this building. Juanita and Luella will serve May 11 at 7 pm in the museum. Candy Hansen from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, which builds endowments for organizations such as ours, spoke. "Skyscrapers of the Prairies" exhibit will be here for Tea Pot Days. Ruth moved that we give $200 to the scholarship fund for seniors of Tea Area High School. Seconded and carried.
Old Business: We continue to accept articles, etc. for "Time for Tea" supplement in 2006. Louie Hesse stone can be set in teh cemetery if it is on base as others area. It was decided to open the museum 1-8 pm on Fridays and 1-5 pm on Saturdays beginning April 30. Ruth is workin gon parade entry. Pancake Breakfast: George Boom is getting grill. Marlys will get supplies. Grants are on hold as who gets this building is on hold.  Tickets for afghan were distributed. Patty Hagemeyer is making it. The raffle will be during Tea Pot Days.
Meeting called to order by Luella. Minutes submitted by Verlyss Jacobson.
Sat. 20 December 2003
Luella called meeting to order at 1:30 pm. Secretary report presented, approved. Old Business: God coverage of USO show in "Tea Spout." Stories for "Time for Tea" addendum can be turned in any time. Aim to send to printer Dec. 2004.
Need items for museum. Bring them 17 January at 1 pm to museum. Those interested in helping disassemble Buus' wagon be at Groeneveld's at 10 a.m.
New business: Keep eyes open for grants, etc. for shingles, paint, etc. for old church building. Phyllis Hostetler donated Tea Riders Saddle Club flag. Phyllis donated an "Auxiliary" teapot. Luella and Marlys attended WWII Stores meeting in Sioux Falls;
Concensus: Pancake Breakfast on 19 June 2004 is a good idea. We need a place; consider Legion or new St. Nicholas Church hall.
NEXT MEETING - 9 March 1:30 pm at Trinity Lutheran in Tea. IN April we will start evening meetings. This moved by Carroll Barnes. Seconded and approaved.
Tuesday, July 8, 2003 - Ray Kelly's Art Gallery
Welcome by Eddie Cook (writer in residence). He had two of his poem books for each of us. We will get $1,000 matching funds from Modern Woodmen for wall (actual cost about $1200). We will get $500 grant for ramp. Report on TEAPOT DAYS: pancake breakfast served about 100. We got a trophy for our float. Photos of the float should go to the Smithsonian as they want to know what we are doing in relation to the display. We sold 5 books in 'the tent' and one at the breakfast. Marlys and Carroll reported on their trip to Box Elder learning to set up the display adn about other related activities. Luella read Frank Weis' remembrances of WW2 on the home front. Verlyss showed a 33x33 inch quilt she made from feed sacks given by Edna and Henry Buus. The quilt is for the museum. Luella reported on letters sent to Delmar Schriever during WW2. Excerpts are being typed and will be on display during the exhibit. Luella circulated a list of servicement from Tea. It is to be proofed and added to. The goal is to publish the list in "The Champion" for Veterans' Day.
Tuesday June 10, 2003
Luella reported on Modern Woodman grant and matching funds. Both have been approved.
Teapot Days: handed out posters about pancake supper to be put up around town. Pancake breakfast dry run Friday, June 20, 6 p.m.; Ernie will bring gas bottles for grill.
Tueday, May 13, 2003
Luella has copy of FDR's prayer. We have recieved about $115 in donations from businesses. Secretary is to write thank yous. There is a new "arts" business in Tea - north half is empty and he would like us to use it. Ray Kelly "gives" prints to charities, so would he give us one to raffle? TEAPOT DAYS: June 20,21, 22. Luella reported on her, Verlyss, Marlys and Ruth's meeting with rep from Modern Woodmen. They have money available for grants and matching funds. Ruth moved that Luella proceed with request for paying for ramp and paint. Seconded and carried. We need an event for matching funds from MWA. Pat Hagemeyer moved we proceed with plans for pancake breakfast June 21 (at old St. Nicholas, 7-10 a.m.). Seconded and carried. Ruth moved we set up tent for Teapot Days. Float should promote Smithsonian display. Marlys moved we have float. Seconded & carried. June 26-27 training for setting up Smithsonian display. Carroll Barnes and Marlys Bergjord are interested in going. Erivn Reichelt has WW2 era LIFE magagines. He had some at meeting and will bring them again. They can be used during Smithsonian display. Edna and Henry Buus have donated many items to TAHS. Is the small building on vi Ihnen's property significant? June 10 next meeting. Luella will serve. Meeting adjourned. Corrine Barnes and Margaret Buus made the goodies. Pat Hagemeyer made the coffee.
8 April 2003
Moment of silence in memory of Alberta Lammers whose funeral is April 9 at St. Michael's.
Richard Lofthus, Professor of Historoy at Mt. Marty College, introduced "Produce for Victory: Posters on the American Home Front 1941-45." One of the goals of the exhibit is to collect materials and information about the home front for small museums. Research shows people will come to see the posters, BUT they'll be more interested in displays of OUR area. He suggested we 1) put out a call for war-time correspondence that people would be willing to share, 2) make a CD (or several) with pictures and documents from 1941-45; 3) fin FDRs D-Day prayer and display a copy. Lunch was served. Bingo will be OUTSIDE during Teapot Days. Roger Craig moved we take back our offer to help. Seconded and carried. Vernon Kahl and Ellsworth Wilkinson will speak during "Produce for Victory" display - possibly on a Sunday afternoon.
The development corporation paid for the printing and mailing of letters to Tea businesses asking for donations. Camel Press donated 200 envelopes. The secretary was directed to send a thank you. Several of the ladies put letters in envelopes and put on mailing labels.
Curriculum information for teachers to use in connection with the display is available.
Next Meeting: May 13, 7 p.m. Dwight Buus will bring lunch. Come with a story to tell from 1942-45.
Looking Ahead: We need to (a) paint the building; (b) build a ramp; (c) build a wall in nave. Ernie and Carroll will organize these activities.
Humanities Council will pay up to $1,000 to help us advertise, etc.
11 March 2003
Henry Hagemeyer reported on water and sewer system coming to Tea. The first bond issue passed June 1964. I toook two years (until July 1959) to sell bonds. Twenty people attended grant writing workshop. Luella has key to door of Old St. Nick's building. Ruth Craig and Luella attended workshop in Huron on Smithsonian display.
Next meeting: would like to have speaker (from Yankton) on Smithsonian. Luella will set date after seh talks to him. Aim for April 8 in afternoon or April 14 in evening.Luella discussed details on Smithsonian display. Lunch in April: Barb Otten and Pat Hagemeyer; if we will have guests, Ruth will help. Look for Neighbor Lady cookbooks in 195=41m 42, 43, 44 for recipes. Push books and afghans. Should we help Auxiliary with bingo at TeaPot Days? Verlyss Jacobson talked about HEEREN and SCHRIEVER family trees and photos received from haron Heeren Meyers of Calif. Dwight Buus shared an 1867 diary written by a relative of his mother.
10 December 2002
Keep selling books and afghans. Postage rate for mailing book is about $3.50. Grant writing workshop: plans pending. Let Luella know if interested. Luella talked to Dawn (City Finance) about this building. City takes over Jan. 1, 2003. We discussed a better locking door between hall and nave. In Huron March 6 - meeting concerning Smithsonian. Luella, Ruth, Verlyss will go.
Marlys reported on family who lived in Tea in 1905. The Afghans are at Groenevelds. We received $100 from Lutheran Brotherhood. The secretary was instruced to send a thank you. Those present told about Christmas gifts from thepast. Interesting items were shown and interesting stories told. There was a cookie exchange. Lunch served by Cal Schriever. Luella needs pictures for "Post Cards from the Past in The Champion.
November 12, 2002
Luella talked about a "grant writing" workshop which we are organizing; if interested, let her know.  There is concern about the city's purchase and use of St. Nick's. How can we help them? Luella will offer our help to paint and do some "fix up." Smithsonian display: we need committees for (a) activities for summer and during displayl (b) display; several volunteered.
NEXT MEETING will be at former St. Nick's on 10 December at 1:30. Bring your "old" Christmas gift to show and tell, or just tell if you no longer have the gift. There will be a cookie/candy exchange. Cal Schriever will serve lunch. Roger Craig MOVED that we not meet in January and February. Seconded. Carried. Luelle talked about "Rosie the Riveter" sweatshirts or t-shirts.
This is our THIRD anniversary. Pat Hagemeyer moved that we keep the same officers. Seconded. Carried. President Luella DeJong; vice-president Dwight Buus; Secretary, Verlyss Jacobson, Treasurer, Carroll Barnes. Verlyss gave the program telling stories of her family and showing some of her projects for preserving and sharing family history. Ernie showed a stone Indian hammer which was found by his brother Darwin Otten south of Tea 30+ years ago.

Join us at next meeting!

Minutes taken by Verlyss Jacobson
Attendees: Karen Fritz, Elouise M. Hansen Swanson, Jaonne Hansen ARends, Lucille Keleher, Pat Hagemeyer, Albert Hagemeyer, Barb and Ernie Otten, Maryls Bergjord, Fran Tullar, Diane Schriever Best, Esther Harms, Phyllis Hostetler, Henry Hagemeyer, Darleen Hagemeyer, Carroll Barnes, Calvin Mechels, Verlyss Jacobson, Christine Camp Klock, Harold Klock, Bennett and Luella DeJong, Dwight Buus, Doris Groeneveld, Carol Nepp, Juanita Nesseim, Bob Nesseim.


Does anyone know - is Tea, SD the only town with that name in the USA? A search of census records and zip codes turns up no other Tea. If you know of another, please let us know. You can email us at

"Time for Tea" gift
Calvin received a hardcover copy for this birthday.

  Nov. 11, 2003 Meeting
Discussed Smithsonian display and associated programs. Disapointed in interest by city and school, but encouraged by enthusiasm of those who did attend the events. About 500 visitors. Quintin Sutton loaned a 45-star flag to the museum - in use 4 January 1896 to 16 November 1907.
Potluck at December 20 meeting - at Trinity Lutheran. After getting consent, Cal S. moved that officers remain in office another year - seconded and carried. Think about new/next project. We can start thinking about Teapot Days. Pancake breakfast? Where? When do we decide the future of this building? Should we add items and have it open one weekend per month? How do we get younger people involved in the society and museum?
Doris Duffy, a real-live "Rosie the Riveter" spoke to us on her experiences making B-29s aat the base south of Omaha.
Happy 4th birthday to us - cake Doris Groeneveld - ice cream furnished by Ruth. Note: "The Champion" did publish our list of military persons. However I did not see the 'disclaimer note' asking for corrections/additions.
October 8, 2002
Call to order by Luella DeJong   Secretary's report was presented in print.  Treasurer was absent. Luella gave the report.. Doris reported that 59 afghans have arrived.  No one attended workshops disussed in Sept. Luella may invite the person who attended from Sioux Falls to speak at a meeting.  Luella had a call from Sioux Falls wanting info for their website on the Smithsonian display.  Luella had email from a lady to whom Verlyss mailed her afghan in early August.  E-mail from Alvin Straatmeyer - he has received his "Time For Tea."  Luella  distributed information on Smithsonian display.  36 each of cups, plates and small plates from Lutheran Church have arrived.
 Progress is being made on the city's purchase of the building from the Catholics. We need to lok at putting some money into it. Marlys has information on possibel grant to help with purchase. They will give a workshop in writing grants if we can get 15-20 people interested.  October 26, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. craft show in Lennox. Could/should we have a table for books and afghans? Fran Tullar will be there.  We still owe Pine Hill Press $400 for the half price books on the over-sun. Marlys will send bill to Carroll.  Meeting adjourned. Karen Fritz talked about Hanson fmaily, specifically the Pyle family

August Attendees: Marlys Bergjord, Doris Groeneveld, Calvin Schriever, Dwight Buus, Bernard Hoffman, Bernice Albers Lovrien, Marian Hoffman, Fran Tullar, Joanne ARends, Karen K. Fritz, Ervin Reichelt, Bennett DeJong, Carroll Barnes, Henry and Darleen Hagemeyer, Carol Nepp, george Boom, Randy Ensz, Barb Otten, Ernie Otten, Anna Joerger, Ruth and Roger Craig, Margaret Hoffman.